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The sole purpose at Mediaspinner is to create a value-added solution for your business. No matter which digital products you need, our solutions and service are tailored uniquely to your business and will assist in your client marketing, and will present your business in a professional, polished manner.

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Digital Strategy Solutions

WordPress development

We create Web sites from concept to posting it to the Web while working with you the entire time. We can create brochure sites to full-fledged e-commerce sites. Our only limit is your needs and your budget.

Site redesign and development

We can give your existing Web site a fresh, enhanced face to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales.

Site maintenance plan

Just need a few content updates occasionally to your site? We can easily handle making periodic changes to an existing site leaving your current site. We also include maintenance and updates in our monthly plan.

Social Media management

These days, having a Google+ page, a BING page, Instagram, Facebook, etc. keep you in touch with your audience and add to your brand presence and increases search engine ranking. We’ll help you navigate the tools necessary to boost your brand.

Graphics and animation

We can create banner adds, both standard and animated, design logos and business cards. We also do photo scanning and optimization as well as product photography.

Digital Marketing

We can create HTML e-mail and newsletters to communicate with your clients and to promote your company’s services or products.

Software QA

Mediaspinner offers software test and QA services by contract. We have experience testing on Windows, OSX, Android and iOS applications. Extensive knowledge using Microsoft Office applications and PDF creation and conversion software.

Project Management

Project Management services provided on a contract basis. Experienced at managing software development projects from concept to release and in AGILE environment. Projects range from corporate web sites, to desktop and mobile apps, to back-end solutions.


By appointment only – Stills, Stock, Landscape, Portrait and Lifestyle – Let us know what you need.